Monday, July 4, 2011

Earlybird Special - Thursday 9/22/16 Betsie River

For those of you wishing to show up early, there will be an earlybird paddle on Thursday.  Shuttle will leave Campground at 9:30.  This will be a long shuttle, and a 5 to 6 hour paddle.  Expect to return to the campground around dusk.

Those who cannot arrive early enough for this trip, there may be the possibility of of a later, shorter trip.  But if you can, try to make the Betsie trip.  It will be worth your while.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Meet at Hodenpyle Dam at 1 pm. We'll run shuttle from there. We should be on the water by 2 pm, giving us ample time to be off the water by dusk.  (There will be a shuttle leaving the campground at 12:15)

Manistee River Map HERE

PINE RIVER Sat 9/24/2016

Pick your put in! Depending how long you want to paddle, we'll start your shuttle early enough to get you back well before dark!  Note: these shuttles all leave from the campground
Meadowbrook (7 hours paddle time): Shuttle at 8 am
Silver Creek(4 hours): Shuttle at 9
Lincoln Bridge (3 hours): Shuttle at 10
Pine River map HERE

PINE RIVER Sun 9/25/2016

We'll start shuttle from the campground to Low Bridge at 10am. This should get us off the water by 3pm or so. This stretch is FUN, SO DON'T MISS IT!